Analyzing Data

Analyzing Data


Analyzing data

Welcome! This series of instructive articles has been created to assist you in understanding and analyzing observational HD data. We focus primarily on the Enroll-HD dataset, but most of the concepts discussed also apply to datasets from other observational HD studies.

Looking for a place to begin? Take a couple of minutes to watch our animated video. This provides a brief introduction to Enroll-HD, alongside an overview of each article in this series.

A brief list of things we think are important to consider before you launch into your analysis.

Special Characteristics of HD Data

An introduction to HD onset, diagnosis, and disease severity, and a description of HD-specific disease assessments.

Age and CAG length in HD Data Analysis

How to account for age and CAG in statistical analysis of HD data.                

Benefits and Challenges of Working with Observational (Enroll-HD) Data

How the characteristics of Enroll-HD help and hinder robust observational research.

Enroll-HD Data Handling and Management Tips

A brief introduction to Enroll-HD data handling and management.                         

Using Observational Data to Inform Clinical Trial Design

Modelling natural illness progression of potential clinical trial outcomes.                    

Appendix to Using Observational Data to Inform Clinical Trial Design

An illustrated guide to enrichment in clinical trial recruitment.


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