Clinical Trial Committee (CTC)

The CTC provides scientific consultation, guidance, and platform support coordination for clinical trial sponsors, including academic consortia and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies conducting therapeutic HD trials.

Enroll-HD CTC

Committee Functions

Enroll-HD CTC

Core Members

Current core members of the Enroll-HD Clinical Trial Committee are displayed below. Correspondence should be directed to Jenny Townhill.

Cristina Sampaio, MD, PhD – Committee Chair

Chief Medical Officer, CHDI

Juliana Bronzova, MD, DSc

EHDN Science Director

Tim McLean, MSc

Enroll-HD Co-Platform Leader; EHDN Clinical Operations Manager

Swati Sathe, MD

Medical Vice President, Clinical Research, CHDI

Jenny Townhill, PhD

Director External Partnerships, Enroll-HD; Clinical Trials Director, EHDN