Study Milestones

163823381Study Milestones

Enroll-HD is now rolling out across the globe. Some of the important milestones in getting the study up and running…

April 2016:  Enroll-HD now includes 10,000 participants!

September 2014: The Huntington Society of Canada/Société Huntington du Canada officially endorses Enroll-HD at their National Conference in Winnipeg.

February 2014: The Huntington’s Disease Society of America officially endorses Enroll-HD.

December 2013: The site in Ulm, Germany transitions from REGISTRY to Enroll-HD, marking the official launch of the study in Europe. As many as 150 more sites will go through this process.

July 2013: Enroll-HD expands to the Pacific region as the University of Otago in New Zealand enrolls its first volunteer.

May 2013: The first Latin American participant joins Enroll-HD in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

November 2012: The Centre for Movement Disorders in Ontario, Canada takes an early lead as the top-enrolling site with 38 participants.

July 2012: Enroll-HD launches on July 26th at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.